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Monday, August 29, 2011

Meaningful Monday

Today I'm doing some reflecting. I've gone back to my little spiral notebook journal where I wrote my first Eucharisteo. I didn't start out counting them. I've decided to do that. I think I'll list them from the beginning (April 10, 2011) until now.

I thank you God for...

1.Thankful that You take the wrong things people do to us and make them right. Thank You for bearing our burdens. Psalm 55:22
3.cool temps
4.quiet time to study God's Word
5. Kimberly Sowell
6. Kensley's independence
7. feeling good
8. joy
9. the sound of the wind in the trees
10. Peace that comes only from God
11. Thankful that Christ rose on the third day
12. headache is gone!
13. for quiet
14. again for  sunshine :)
15. for my 1/2 finished house and the dirt it sits on (and the fact that it's paid for!)
16. that my kids have two sets of grandparents that are alive and well
17. the safe community that I live in
18. for freedom and the men and women that make that possible
19. for God delivering me from depression without the use of medicine and that He taught me something from it, and used my experience to help someone else.
20. for spending the day with my girls....so thankful for that quality time.
21. for finally being able to get a haircut!!
22. for not having to cook supper last night
23. for my Sunday School Class
24. for beautiful landscapes to photograph, and for the time to do it. (and for my hubby who bought me the camera to photograph with!)
25. for praying friends
26. for new opportunities
27. for Your mercy, grace, and love
28. for Jennifer Anne Rodgers who was born on this day (April 27) 35 years ago
29. for rain
30. to own a copy of God's Word and for the ability to be able to read It.
31. for Jeremy and the fact that he wants to be home instead of working out of town (thanks You God for sharing that piece of wisdom with me)
32. that the school year is almost over
33. for my church family
34. for His perfect plan and timing
35. for Jacque
36. for Your love that is unending.
37. a beautiful day
38. no headache
39. that Jeremy has work
40. a safe day for the girls
41. Kaylee's experience with cheer try-outs
(42-50 are what Ann Voskamp  at aholyexperience.com refers to as hard eucharisteo...these are the thanks that God showed me the day my husband had to leave town for work)
42. for the ability to communicate with God through prayer
43. the "job"
44. the roof over my head
45. $ to pay the bills
46. friends
47. health
48. God's Word
49. safety
50. ability to help people
51. my girls
52. the chance for Jeremy to have a job
53. rain
54. air conditioning
56. quiet time
57. God's patience with me
58. Jeremy's visit
59. good health
60. insurance
61. Bro. Headly's message
62. singing
63. music
64. choir
65. books
66. Kaylee fixing Kensley's sippy cup of milk this morning
67. sleep
68. prayer
69. good moods
70. answered prayer
71. donuts and coffee
72. silly songs
73. lemons in my tea
74. paper and crayons
75. school supplies
76. Kensley's blanket
77. freshly mowed grass
78. the few moments when everything is clean and put in it's place
79. warm cups of coffee in the morning
80. hot showers
81. packed lunches
82. crisp apples
83. soft light
84. tricycles
85. warm cookies
86. a sweet note from Kelsie
87. the smell of ripe bananas
88. my little one's words
89. trust from a tween daughter
90. growth (especially spiritual)
91. prayers of loved ones
92. feeling God's presence in new stages of life
93. that the stamps that Kensley used as "stickers" came off the page unharmed and still sticky and able to be used.
94. for play-doh
95. for Mike Tucker and his gift for baking!

Wow...didn't realize I had that many!

I encourage you to start your own list of thanks! It is amazing what God will reveal to you through something as simple as thanks.

God Bless!


"do not cease to give thanks..." Ephesians 1:16

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  1. I've never realized the joy that could come from making a list of simple things in our everyday lives. I'm reading the book, One Thousand Gifts, and read about lists today. Praise the Lord for all the blessings He gives us great and small and sometimes unseen! Praise the Lord for this wonderful blog!!!