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Friday, August 5, 2011

Here I go....

First of all I'm asking myself what in the world am I thinking starting a blog. I don't really have anything to say that will WOW the world or be life changing. Not to mention that my girls think this whole idea is absolutely ridiculous! But I've been kicking this idea around for a while now and woke up today and decided to jump. I told a friend recently that I wouldn't make a very good blogger because I have all these thoughts jumbled up in my head and I just start typing and they come out in random order. So there's your warning label! This will be a blog of random thoughts....and maybe, just maybe, I'll find some fellow random thinkers out there that will be able to follow me and glean some sort of encouragement from my rambling. FYI what may come across as rambling is intended to be eucharisteo. Eucharisteo (yoo-khar-is-teh'-o) - 1. to be grateful, feel thankful 2. give thanks.

Because it's Friday; for the cooler temps after the rain; beautiful beaches to visit; a healthy little girl walking around in her big sister's boots; Nutella; cell phones that keep me in touch with my husband = a few of the many things that I'm thankful for today.

"And He took the seven loaves and the fish and gave thanks..." Matthew 15:36

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