"Our family will base our success on one thing...our impact for the Kingdom of Christ." -Rick Burgess

Friday, June 29, 2012


Yay for Friday!!

Time for the kind of writing where you open up your thoughts and let them all spill out on the page screen.

No editing. No overthinking. Just let it spill out, and see what you get.

The thing that makes it fun is that you can only write for 5 minutes. No cheating! ;)

So let's see what you've got bottled up in that head of yours. Then hop over to Lisa-Jo's place. She's always got brownies, a comfy couch and lots of ladies just waiting to encourage you.

Link up and make sure you take the time to visit a couple of posts before yours and extend them some comment grace. It's all about encouragement. We can all use some of that, right?

Here's my five on DANCE....

Life’s a dance you learn as you go.

Anybody remember who wrote that song? It has left me. It’s in the vault, I just can’t put my hands on it this morning.

You learn as you go…..INDEED!

The dance of life has taught me lots of things.

This year in particular it taught me to find joy. To CHOOSE joy.

For so long I danced to find my joy in things, accomplishments, and even the wrong people. I was dancing for others.

Now I take my cue from David, and I dance before the Lord. He is my joy, and He’s blessed me with a wonderful gift.

He gave my eyes new lenses. Through these lenses I can find joy anywhere. Most often in the small, ordinary, and mundane.

It’s there when she crawls in bed with me first thing. She scrunches up close, all warm and small and wraps her little arm around my neck to hold ME.

It’s there when she finally gets her hair to scrunch just right. She hates her board straight hair.

It’s there on her face as she runs in with a lost tooth. One that fell out unexpectedly, because she didn’t know it was THAT loose.

It’s there in the high five when mama and daddy beat the girl's high score on the Wii. Woot! Woot!

It’s all around us as we travel this road of life.

We can hang our heads and drag our feet down this road OR……

We can look up and around. Find the joy, and dance our way down life’s road and straight to Jesus.

"Young women will dance and be happy, young men and old men will join in. I'll convert their weeping into laughter, lavishing comfort, invading their grief with joy." Jeremiah 31:13 MSG

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What Summer Should Be

Last week I was floundering.

I dedicated two posts to the acts of indecision and discontentment.

I was spending far to much of my emotional energy on these feelings. Apparently God thought so too.

My girls and I came to Pennsylvania this summer to be with our #1 man. Let me just say that the transition from South Alabama to PA was like going from Earth to Jupiter. (I might be exaggerating...just a little)  Just when I was feeling a little like I’d moved out of my skin, God sent the most wonderfully wise woman to deliver a message to my heart.

 The very moment I needed it most, I opened my inbox and read this….

The words flew through my head as I read your post: "Be still and know that I am God". Sometimes that is our assignment: to just be still and be aware - nothing else. Your ministry is not in a pause phase just because you are not in your usual place doing the things you do so beautifully. Your ministry continues even while you are away. Someone went to Sunday School because you did what you do so well - minister to everyone in the name of the Lord!! Your ministry here continues even while you are away in ways that I am not aware. You have been given a valuable opportunity this summer to continue sharing God with three precious souls in a way you cannot at home - no rush/nothing to draw attention anywhere but home...with you and Jeremy. That is a blessed assignment!! All these words are not from me - they have poured out from my heart...from our Father. "Be still...and know that I am God. " I love you!

Yesterday, my calling for this summer clicked.

I played Frisbee till my fingers hurt.

Then I laid in the carpet-soft grass and found an alien, a bunny, and a turtle in the clouds.

I enjoyed my girls without any interruptions. No where to go, no deadlines, no homework, no obligations to meet.

This summer I’ve been blessed with the gift of just being.

The only thing I have to think about is what wonderful meal were going to have for supper or what adventure we are going to go on next. The icing on the cake....I get to lay my head down next to my best friend every night. (This is something I've learned to NEVER take for granted)

Thank you Lord for this dose of perspective and for your unending patience as you teach this slow learner what summer should be.

Laying in the sun,
Counting clouds,
Soaking in this glorious summer,

*Sneaking in a PS today….

Well, it’s more of a FYI…maybe a helpful hint…let’s call it a how to manage your encouragement…

Several months ago, I read a post in which the author was talking about organizing her saved emails. I’d never heard of such, and never EVEN thought about the fact that you could have different folders in your inbox. Well, I’m all about stuff like that so I immediately went to MY inbox and started arranging the furniture. I can actually find things now! My most favorite folder is the one that I call EncourageMail. This folder holds every email that I’ve ever received with words of encouragement. So now on the days when I’m feeling down….feeling like I’m not worth much…I can open up my inbox and read the precious words of encouragement from my sweet friends. Bonus: Most of the emails include the greatest words of encouragement ever written….verses from God’s Word.

So what are you waiting for? Open up that inbox and get to organizing!

Friday, June 22, 2012


Yay for Friday!!

Time for the kind of writing where you open up your thoughts and let them all spill out on the page screen.

No editing. No overthinking. Just let it spill out, and see what you get.

The thing that makes it fun is that you can only write for 5 minutes. No cheating! ;)

So let's see what you've got bottled up in that head of yours. Join the ever-growing group over at Lisa-Jo's place.

Link up and make sure you take the time to visit a couple of posts before yours and extend them some comment grace. It's all about encouragement. We can all use some of that, right?

Today's prompt......Risk.

I’m not a risky kind of girl.

I like safe.

I like plans and schedules, and knowing what comes next.

I’m not an introvert, but not quite an extrovert. That’s possible, right?

I like things calm.

I don’t like confrontation.

I like making people happy. Making others comfortable. Doing for others. Bringing Joy to others.

I have a servant heart, but I could also be labeled as a “Good Girl”. Thanks Emily!

But then God comes along.

He comes along with His nudges.

With His assignments.

He comes along asking me to tell share some words with someone. This someone is far wiser than me….how could they possibly need to hear anything that I have to say?


He asks me to go and visit with someone that I don‘t know from Adam‘s house cat. WHAT!?! What do I say? How do I introduce myself? I am so not good at conversation starters. What do I do, walk up, knock, and say, “Hi, You don’t know who I am, but God does and He sent me to visit with you.” (Insert door slammed in face).


He asks me to take a meal to someone.

Now on the surface this sounds easy enough. However, I’ve actually experienced this nudge, and the person He called me to deliver the meal to was not sick, no one had died, they weren’t struggling financially….nothing. So you see my dilemma. I offered all of these excuses to God, and He told me in His most stern get-going-and-do-it-already voice, “Just take the meal”.


So, I did. I let the family know that I would be bringing a meal so that they won’t plan anything for supper that night. The first thing out of their mouth was…”Why?” I’m sure the look on my face was priceless…where’s a hidden camera when you need one. So I said the only thing I could have said….”Because God told me to.” ….to which they said….”Oh!”

Never found out why they needed that meal. Probably never will.

In the end, the risk was worth it.

What looks like risk to us is always a perfect plan to Him.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Think About it Thursday

Thursday = Thoughts

You know what to do!

May your skys be blue and full of His glory today,


Monday, June 18, 2012

The Season

She went and did it.

It was so unexpected.

I was just opening my email like I always do.

There it was.

Black and white words like that flew from the screen like an arrow straight to my heart.

She asked us to finish this sentence....

I feel stuck in ____________.

She asked......

and words that I didn't even know were in my heart started pouring out.

I feel stuck in this season.

A season on which I can't even put a name.

It's a season full of not knowing what comes next, but feeling as if I should.

A season of feeling like I should be doing more.....more for the Lord, but drawing a blank as to what to do.

It's quiet and it's still.

Two things that should bring peace seem to bring unrest.

It's a season of feeling as if my tree is no longer baring fruit.

It's reading His word over and over, searching for what comes next, but not getting a clear answer.

So I  wait.

I wait in what seems to be a spiritually dry season

I wait, I search, and I pray.

I pray wordless prayers.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Path on Five Minute Friday

It's Friday!

Thanks to Lisa-Jo Friday has become my favorite day of the week.

About a year ago I stumbled across her "path" and she extended me the grace of simply writing.

It's the kind of writing where you open up your thoughts and let them all spill out on the page screen.

No editing. No overthinking. Just let it spill out, and see what you get.

The thing that makes it fun is that you can only write for 5 minutes. No cheating! ;)

So let's see what you've got bottled up in that head of yours. Join the ever-growing group over at Lisa-Jo's place.

Link up and make sure you take the time to visit a couple of posts before yours and extend them some comment grace. It's all about encouragement. We can all use some of that, right?

My 5 minutes on.....Path.

Which one?

Which way?

Is it really supposed to be this hard?


I saw a Dilbert cartoon the other day that put a finger on my thoughts.





What’s the big picture?

The end result?

Maybe that will help me with this choice of paths.

Or maybe I should just shed this coat of fretting.

This worry about getting it just right.

Maybe I should put on His coat of peace and just rest in knowing that He knows.

He’ll light the path that is mine to follow.

Don’t I remember the paths of wife and mother that He’s already helped me navigate?

Those paths are after all, what led me to this fork.



Times up!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Think About it Thursday

Thursday? Already?!?

Thursday's around here go something like this....

I post a pic, quote, or verse.

You think about it.

Then tell me what you think.

First thoughts or deep thoughts.

Let me hear from you!

"Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me."
Revelation 3:20

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Desires of My Heart aka Crafts!


I am not turning this into a crafting blog. (wink)
So now that we got that out of the way, let me tell you how God’s been working in my life this week.
God tells us in His word…“
Delight yourself also in the LORD, And He shall give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4
Don’t you just love it when God let’s you see this verse come to life.
I’ve been finding Him in the little things again this week.
My bunch has been enjoying some much needed down time the last two weeks.
We’ve been soaking up lots of family time and have been enjoying several days of doing absolutely nothing.
Well, we all got the itch to “do something”.
My girls love crafts. They get this love from their craft-loving-pinterest-pinning-but-never-actually-crafting mom.
You see, I love to craft. I used to be a scrap booking queen!
I guess I’ve just let it get moved to the back burner.
Life happens and like I always say…you need to do one or two things and do them well instead of doing a ton of things half way. So you choose what is a priority and you go with it. Crafting has not been a priority for me in the last few years. But it is a desire of my heart.
God let me find my craftiness and He blessed me with the time to enjoy it once again. For that I am so very grateful.
Here’s our story/tutorial on making a “No-Sew” Blanket.

OK so I wish that I would have found this stuff years ago. It is SO easy to use! You just iron it to the back of whatever fabric you want to use. It's a very quick process.
Once the fabric was adhered, I free handed a letter "K".
Then simply cut it out.
If your free hand isn't perfect (trust me my wasn't even close) you can adjust as you cut.
Here's the end result.
We used 1-1/2 yards of fleece for our blanket. You will need two pieces. We chose contrasting colors. (Turquoise and Brown to match the colors in the "K")
In this picture Kelsie is centering up the "K" on the fabric.
She pulled out the measuring tape...I was just gonna eye ball it.

Then we peeled off the backing and commenced to ironing it on.
You iron each section for about 8 seconds.

Now for the "No-Sew" part.
You cut a 5 inch square out of each corner. (The measuring tape is essential for this step...thanks Kelsie) Then you pick a side and start cutting 1 inch strips. The strips will be 1 inch wide and 5 inch long. Once you've done this around all four sides you simply tie the strips together. Tie each strip twice to make a knot.

And here's the end result!
Cute, huh?!?
Again.....SEW EASY!!!!

Happy Crafting!

Praying that God gives you the desires of your heart today,

and praying that you find those gifts in the everyday,


If you share my love for crafting, check out these inspiring crafters.....

Jessica Turner at The Mom Creative

Emily at Jones Design Company

Friday, June 8, 2012


It’s time for Five Minute Friday!

The time where we stop, drop, and write.

I grow to love this time more with each passing week.

Hey! Why don’t you join me? Just plop down and let those creative juices flow for 5 mins flat.

Then you can link up with Lisa-Jo over at The Gypsy Mama.

Don’t have a blog? I’d still love to read what you lay down. Shoot me an email or leave your thoughts in the comment box.

Here are my five minutes on.....Expectation.

Expectations can be a real joy killer for me.

I find myself a bit jaded when it come to expectations.

I tend to get all hyped up with my expectations.

I guess I’m guilty of over expecting. Is that a real thing?

I’m often let down because I get these pictures in my mind of what I expect things to be like and then when the time comes or we get to that place it’s totally opposite of what I’d expected.

For example….

We came to PA for a visit this summer.

In my minds eye, I’d expected, rolling hills, beautiful landscapes, lots of Amish villages and farmers markets, and I had expected some FLAT, LEVEL ground on which I could run everyday.

Well so much for expectations…….We’re staying on a HILL!

I know in the grand scheme of things that’s no biggie, but again, expectation let me down.

So I tend to lean toward, not expecting. I try not to get my hopes up about things.

But then I stop and realize it all comes down to His plans versus my plans.

His plans, more often than not, look totally different from mine.

His plans are ALWAYS perfect.

I may not recognize it in the moment, but in the end they are always perfect and I’m sitting back saying…”Oh yeah, well that really wasn’t so bad after all.”

One thing I know for sure….that my expectations of Heaven will never be a let down.

They will far surpass anything that I could ever dream expect.

"For I know the plans I have for you" declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Expecting great things from Him today,


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Think about it Thursday

It's Thursday again!

The older I get the faster these weeks go by!

Thursday's around here go like this....

I post a pic, quote, or verse....

You think about it and give me your thoughts.

It can be your first thought or you can chew on it.

Either way I want to hear from you.

Here we go.....

Time to think....

"It's fruit. It takes time to grow. We don't have those qualities all at once."

Photo by Tracey Padgett