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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What Summer Should Be

Last week I was floundering.

I dedicated two posts to the acts of indecision and discontentment.

I was spending far to much of my emotional energy on these feelings. Apparently God thought so too.

My girls and I came to Pennsylvania this summer to be with our #1 man. Let me just say that the transition from South Alabama to PA was like going from Earth to Jupiter. (I might be exaggerating...just a little)  Just when I was feeling a little like I’d moved out of my skin, God sent the most wonderfully wise woman to deliver a message to my heart.

 The very moment I needed it most, I opened my inbox and read this….

The words flew through my head as I read your post: "Be still and know that I am God". Sometimes that is our assignment: to just be still and be aware - nothing else. Your ministry is not in a pause phase just because you are not in your usual place doing the things you do so beautifully. Your ministry continues even while you are away. Someone went to Sunday School because you did what you do so well - minister to everyone in the name of the Lord!! Your ministry here continues even while you are away in ways that I am not aware. You have been given a valuable opportunity this summer to continue sharing God with three precious souls in a way you cannot at home - no rush/nothing to draw attention anywhere but home...with you and Jeremy. That is a blessed assignment!! All these words are not from me - they have poured out from my heart...from our Father. "Be still...and know that I am God. " I love you!

Yesterday, my calling for this summer clicked.

I played Frisbee till my fingers hurt.

Then I laid in the carpet-soft grass and found an alien, a bunny, and a turtle in the clouds.

I enjoyed my girls without any interruptions. No where to go, no deadlines, no homework, no obligations to meet.

This summer I’ve been blessed with the gift of just being.

The only thing I have to think about is what wonderful meal were going to have for supper or what adventure we are going to go on next. The icing on the cake....I get to lay my head down next to my best friend every night. (This is something I've learned to NEVER take for granted)

Thank you Lord for this dose of perspective and for your unending patience as you teach this slow learner what summer should be.

Laying in the sun,
Counting clouds,
Soaking in this glorious summer,

*Sneaking in a PS today….

Well, it’s more of a FYI…maybe a helpful hint…let’s call it a how to manage your encouragement…

Several months ago, I read a post in which the author was talking about organizing her saved emails. I’d never heard of such, and never EVEN thought about the fact that you could have different folders in your inbox. Well, I’m all about stuff like that so I immediately went to MY inbox and started arranging the furniture. I can actually find things now! My most favorite folder is the one that I call EncourageMail. This folder holds every email that I’ve ever received with words of encouragement. So now on the days when I’m feeling down….feeling like I’m not worth much…I can open up my inbox and read the precious words of encouragement from my sweet friends. Bonus: Most of the emails include the greatest words of encouragement ever written….verses from God’s Word.

So what are you waiting for? Open up that inbox and get to organizing!

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  1. Tracey this is beautiful! Enjoy your time in PA and playing Frisbee and watching clouds and just BEING! :)