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Friday, June 15, 2012

Path on Five Minute Friday

It's Friday!

Thanks to Lisa-Jo Friday has become my favorite day of the week.

About a year ago I stumbled across her "path" and she extended me the grace of simply writing.

It's the kind of writing where you open up your thoughts and let them all spill out on the page screen.

No editing. No overthinking. Just let it spill out, and see what you get.

The thing that makes it fun is that you can only write for 5 minutes. No cheating! ;)

So let's see what you've got bottled up in that head of yours. Join the ever-growing group over at Lisa-Jo's place.

Link up and make sure you take the time to visit a couple of posts before yours and extend them some comment grace. It's all about encouragement. We can all use some of that, right?

My 5 minutes on.....Path.

Which one?

Which way?

Is it really supposed to be this hard?


I saw a Dilbert cartoon the other day that put a finger on my thoughts.





What’s the big picture?

The end result?

Maybe that will help me with this choice of paths.

Or maybe I should just shed this coat of fretting.

This worry about getting it just right.

Maybe I should put on His coat of peace and just rest in knowing that He knows.

He’ll light the path that is mine to follow.

Don’t I remember the paths of wife and mother that He’s already helped me navigate?

Those paths are after all, what led me to this fork.



Times up!


  1. I know well that feeling of hesitation and wondering what I'm doing! I like what you were saying about remembering how God got you to that place, and his coat of peace - lovely image. I hope you witness God's leading again in the next few weeks.

    Happy Five-minute-Friday!

  2. Ah, yes...the BIG picture! If only we could see how things fit in the big picture. Funny, I think that would have drawbacks also.

    Great post.


  3. I love Dilbert...he is so hilariously appropriate! Love what you've done here. :) it will be fun seeing which paths God sends us down. Thanks again for stopping by; your words of encouragement meant a lot. I've followed you as well so we can keep up with each other!