"Our family will base our success on one thing...our impact for the Kingdom of Christ." -Rick Burgess

Thursday, November 17, 2011

About Me!

Hi there! I'm Tracey. Christ follower. Wife to Jeremy. Mother of three. Thanks counter. Not so many years ago, God chose to redeem my mess and allowed me the privilege of walking though life with my best friend. We've been walking side by side figuring out this marriage thing for almost 18 years now. God also saw fit to arm me with the responsibility of raising three girls. Our dearest friends call them the KP's. They are each uniquely different and I love them with all of my heart. I guess God knew what He was doing when He decided I could be a mother. So far they've reached 16, 14, and 7 with all their teeth, limbs, and appendages. Plus I can even say they have fairly decent manners. (You can pat me on the back when you see me.)

I strive to shine God's light wherever I go. Right now my light is shining in my home and somehow my mission field found it's way to this online space. In 2011, He called me to write here at LOE. It's been something that I've had to grow into. It still wears a little big, and I still feel that I don't really have anything to "say", but I'm adjusting. Along with writing, came a lesson in thanksgiving. I learned in 2012 how to give thanks with my words and more importantly with my life. I'm now living a life of gratitude. 2013 led me to the hearts of women. I felt God urging me to encourage the hearts of His daughters. My sisters in Christ.

Fast forward to 2015. In a whirlwind of a day on April 8th, our family went from warp speed, over booked, average American family to a family living with cancer. The months that have followed have been full of every emotion imaginable, but mostly they been full of prayer, faith, humility, and trust in the only One that can turn this diagnosis around.

I covet your prayers as I live out His plans for my life, and as we trust in His will for our family. In turn, please know, that I pray earnestly for you all and take each concern that you share with me, to the foot of the cross.

Thank you for sharing in this journey.

"A threefold cord is not quickly broken..." Ecclesiastes 4:12

"You love people with your eyes & ears. Focused attention & active listening is a healing gift you give to anyone." -Rick Warren

Learning as I go,




  1. Beautiful sharing here Tracey and I enjoyed getting to know you better as I stopped in from 5 Minute Friday.


  2. The more I read of your blog, the more I agree with you that we would be irl friends! I am glad we got connected!

  3. Tracey,

    Just wanted to encourage you...I was a missionary (with a bible translation organization) and I found that non believers didn't really listen as well to what I was saying unless it was about those areas that totally touch their lives; children and/or money! Yes, my children have been my greatest tool to minister to others. They prove that I am "real." They make me approachable...and, as they grow, they minister all by themselves (actually the little ones minister by themselves just by being delicious little children!).

    Jill Farris