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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 23...Plus some

Not sure where I’m going today, so here’s a little disclaimer.

Hang on.

Yesterday was a doozy.


A Monday for the record books.



Now I don’t ever want someone to read here and think, “Man, she’s such a complainer!”

I write here to share my reality, and to find gratitude in spite of it.

Sometimes we want to read eloquent words of wisdom. Sometimes we want to read plain ole’ fluff.

Most of the time, I want to read real stuff. You know the nitty-gritty, mundane, scrubbing the toilets kinda stuff.

So if you’ve made this far, your cookie is in the mail. ;)



Yesterday was certifiable.

It didn’t start out that way.

It was like someone flipped a switch and it went from zero to full blown stress-fest in about two seconds.

It went down like this…

I woke up before the alarm. NEVER happens.

I got up and made homemade sticky buns. Should have known something was gonna go wrong when they came out perfect. Again NEVER happens.

Then comes the TEXT.

Hubby’s text tells me that some of his work equipment has been stolen from his truck. (Oklahoma, I’ll try not to hold this against you forever. I’m sure you are a great state. One bad apple, right?) Keep in mind, he has to have this equipment for work, and this is not an inexpensive item.

Meanwhile, as I’m trying to process this beauty of a text, one of the girls yells from the shower, “Hey mama! What’s wrong with the water?”

Apparently there is virtually no water pressure in the shower. Almost down to a trickle. Thankfully, enough left to wash the soap out of her fully lathered head of hair.

I’m wishfully thinking that it’s on the other side of the water meter which would make it….NOT MY PROBLEM.

So much for that.

As I make my way down the driveway, I spot a big ole muddy puddle. A leak. On my side of the meter.

Let me just pause this edge-of-your-seat-nail-bitter to say that it always seems like this kind of stuff happens when my dear husband is out of town working.

Now that I put that out there, let the misery resume.

I call the dear one and give him the same size dose of bad news that he’d given me. Except, this news really doesn’t effect him, cause HE’s NOT HERE! (Bitterness, anyone?)

This means I get to be a plumber.

By the way, when I signed up for this gig, this was NOT in the job description. It’s not a deal breaker mind you. It will after all, look good on a resume. (Bright side)

So after a good bit of foot stomping and door slamming…some might call that pouting…I decided to get on with it. I found the shovel and commenced to digging. I dug what seemed like a hole big enough for Goliath. Okay, so maybe it was just big enough for David, but still it was a lot of digging. A ginormous hole and a backache later I found the leak.

What then, you ask?

This is where the real point of this post comes in. Sorry, I get carried away with the details.

I’m staring at the broken pipe, knowing full well what I have to do to fix it. I’ve seen Jeremy do this a million times. I can DO this! Then…the voice starts. “Are you sure you can do this?” “What if you cut the pipe to short?” What if you don’t get the right angle?” “That glue is permanent and dries quick, you’ll have to cut it out if it’s wrong.” “What then?” I spend the better part of an hour pacing, looking, fighting with the fear of messing it up. In the end, I fixed one part myself, and ended up calling my angel of a neighbor (who, by the way, is a retired water system worker) who made sure I’d done it right and made the final tie-ends.


Again….the point?

God made yesterday’s mess into today’s message.

Why do I always second guess myself?

Better yet, why do I second guess God?

Why do I break under the voice of the enemy?

I MUST stand on the truths that God has freely given me.

Easier said than done?


I still have to try. I have to press on.

I never want my actions, or lack there of, to give the impression that what Jesus did was all for naught.


Having a better day,

Nursing a sore back,



I wound up finding my gratitude in all this. I found it in my neighbors. Two of the most selfless, caring people on Earth. God gave us a precious gift when He placed us across the road from these treasures.

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