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Saturday, October 6, 2012

31 Days....6 Days Late

So I've decided to do my own version of "31 Days".

And because it's my own version it's okay that it's six days into October and I'm just getting started.

The plan is to do a photo a day for the remaining days of October.

I think I'll call them Photos of Gratitude.

Sounds good, huh? Probably better for a November post, but like I said I'm doing it MY way. ;)

So let me catch you up on the last six days.

Scratch that.

Let me catch you up on the last month or so.

I'll nutshell it.

We've finished our house enough to move in. When I say move in, I mean throw all of our stuff into the room in which it goes, put up some beds and sleep there. We're waiting on bathroom countertops and a kitchen. We should be fully functional by the end of the month. Praise Jesus!

Having said that....I shall now confess to a few things.

I have fallen into the black hole of materialism in the past few weeks. All I have done is fret about furniture, bedding, and blank walls. I've been bickering with God. He keeps gently saying,  "Be patient. It will all come together. It doesn't have to be perfect. It doesn't have to been done in one day." My reply, "I've been patient for three years waiting for his house! I just want it to be furnished and decorated and just plain lovely! I want it DONE!"

How's that for some big ole ugliness. The epitome of  first-world problems.

Please don't think I talk to God this way all the time. I don't. I have a Holy respect for our Heavenly Father. He knows me. I am His creation....His child. He understands my heart, hears my cries, and is faithful to forgive when I repent.

I sorta feel like I threw myself a little fit and sassed my mama. I know I'm not alone.....right?

So today's a new day, Fall is officially here, and I'm gonna have a kitchen just in time to bake up some pecan pies for Thanksgiving!

NOW I'll catch you up on six days of a-gratitude-photo-a-day-pics......

He was right...like He always is...it's coming together.

She got rid of this cast on Thursday!!!!

The start of a new day..."His mercies are new every morning." Lamentations 3:23

Thankful for the tree He blessed me with that provides pecans for the pie that I will be baking soon! ;)

A sweet card from one of my favorite people. Just opened the mailbox yesterday and there it was! Just when I needed it most. Thank you Lord for precious friends.

Thankful for a four year old who knows how to work an iPhone and walks around taking hundreds of random pictures. Almost always catching us off guard. This time she gave me a chance by saying, "Smile, Mama!"

Praying that you all have a had a blessed beginning to this wonderful Fall season. I hope you'll join me as I count my thanks this month, through pictures. I'd love to hear or even see some of the things that you thank God for. If you have pics or comments to share please stop by my facebook page. Here's a link to take you there...https://www.facebook.com/#!/LifeOfEucharisteo

Thanking Him for crisp, cool, Fall days,

Thanking Him for grace and mercy,



  1. YAYYYYY!!!! You got to move into your house!!! I'm so glad. I know it's been a long time coming!

  2. So missed you and glad you're back! Congrats on the house and I love your 31 Days! I'm not doing it so I can live vicariously through you! ;) Blessings and can't wait to see how your house "comes together"!