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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Perspective

I’ve been thinking a lot about Mary and Joseph this Christmas Season.

Wondering what they must have felt in those days and months leading up to Christ’s birth.

As a mother I’m usually drawn more to Mary’s story. I can feel how uncomfortable she was riding atop that donkey. Pain with each bump as she tried to cushion the blows to the Baby King.

However, this year I’ve tried to see things from Joseph’s perspective.

I’ve tried to step into his shoes and walk the lonely path to which he was called.

A lonely path indeed.

How many men do you know who would have, stepped up to the plate so to speak, the way that Joseph did.

What a responsibility!

Not only was he taking on the responsibility of a child he did not concieve….he was taking on the responsibility of caring for God’s Own Son. The Messiah!

A friend blessed me this month by introducing me to Jason Crabb’s Christmas CD. My favorite track tells the story through Joseph’s eyes. I hope it blesses your heart as much as it did mine.

I pray that in these last few days before Christmas,  you can take time to walk around in the shoes of Mary and Joseph.

In the words of Ann Voskamp....take time to “steep long and slow” in the joy of our Savior’s birth.

Merry Christmas,


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