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Friday, December 2, 2011

From Tired to Refreshed

Today's post is a conglomeration of jumbled up thoughts that need to get out of my brain, and Five Minute Friday.

So here I go.

I guess Lisa-Jo must have been reading my mind this week because TIRED is exactly what I've been. And when I say TIRED, I mean the crying kind of tired. I can sooo relate to Lisa-Jo as she was sitting in her warm car and the tears came. I've been there....this week even.

Throughout my week of "tired", God has been whispering to me.

"Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28.

He sent my rest last night. We had no where to be, no homework, and we had supper at home!

Then this morning He put a cherry on top and gifted me with refreshing and renewal of my spirit.

I'll give you a sneak peak into my morning.

6 am...I wake to a phone call. A call for my oldest from a friend who needed a ride to school. This of course gets her up and at em' right away. Middle and youngest follow suit. Everyone is up on time! I even get breakfast cooked (and they actually eat it). Everyone is dressed, bellies full, teeth brushed, backpacks packed,  lunches packed and we are out the door on time! All of this PLUS not one single argument or whine. You see this is a rarity at our house. There is usually at least one person in a foul mood at all times. (Oh how I love tweens!)

So here we go...off to school...Christmas music streaming from the car speakers. When suddenly He makes His presence known.

He comes bringing the perfect gift for me today. (Because His timing and His ways are always perfect)

 He brings me the gift of laughter all wrapped up in the form of my sweet middle "KP".

She comes out of no where with something tooo funny and the oldest laughs...REAL...pure and genuine, long and sweet, from deep down.

They all laugh....I laugh.

And it feels like PURE JOY!

The weight lifts, troubles clear.
I feel the refreshing and renewal that you feel after a good cry. But instead of tears, He gifts LAUGHTER...sweet laughter.

Thank you God for this blessing...this timely gift of Your Grace.

Laughing all the way,


  1. Tracey - the joy God gives us in the smallest things. Its such a blessing that you were able to see it for what it was and that you allowed it to rejuvenate you.
    Many blessings for a wonderful Christmas season in which you can take time to thank, praise and rest,

  2. PURE JOY! So often I miss these moments because I am too caught up in my own pity party. I am so very happy for you that you were able to enjoy such a sweet, special moment sent straight from above! There are few things greater than a family who laughs together. I miss the laughter!
    Oh, how I long for renewal! My mom is having my three kids tomorrow and they will stay over night. Let's pray I get my mind straight and my heart renewed by the time we pick them up for church on Sunday morning.
    This post put a BIG smile on my face. Thanks, Tracey!

  3. Praying that you find your renewal...and your laughter. Take care and have a restful, blessed weekend.

  4. I love small "wins". Moments of renewal by his mighty hand.

    Thankful for your renewal, praying it continues for you.

  5. Praying for a restful week for you! I'm glad I found you on (in)courage today.