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Friday, September 16, 2011

Camera Phone Friday

Today I'm trying a little experiment.

I'm linking up with Dawn Camp over at My Home Sweet Home, to join in on Camera Phone Friday.

Dawn has given me one more thing to add to my to do list. ;)

You see I love photography. I'm always taking pictures with my SLR. But I hardly ever use the camera on my phone. If I do, it's just to send a pic to my hubby who is working out of town. But now....thanks to sweet Dawn and her wonderful idea....I will be adding Phone-tography to my list of hobbies.

Hope you enjoy taking a peek at my new interest. I sure loved Dawn's mosaic. You should scoot on over there and try making your own.

1. Four leaf clover, 2. bdaylove, 3. Backyard Bible Club, 4. Lovin' Krispy Kreme!, 5. Me and my buddy, 6. Perfectly Crooked, 7. Smilin' Pig, 8. Newpaper with Dad, 9. Were hiding, 10. Untitled, 11. God's Glory, 12. TOO GOOD!, 13. Mommy and Me, 14. Sending Love, 15. Strong, 16. Face it!, 17. The Word, 18. Explorers, 19. Big girl shoes!, 20. signs, 21. Living Cross, 22. New Hobby, 23. How does your garden grow?, 24. Too Young to Drive, 25. Musical

God Bless,
James 1:2

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