"Our family will base our success on one thing...our impact for the Kingdom of Christ." -Rick Burgess

Friday, July 20, 2012


What is your enough?

This week I’ve seen mama’s that have quietly sighed their enough’s after long days of laundry, little one's battles, and cabin fever. I’ve seen precious servants of God wade their way through the heart break that accompanied the sights, smells, sounds, and touch of poverty. Enough, they said.

I’ve had my own enough’s lately.

They‘ve been all over the board.

I say enough stuff. Enough always wanting more, more, more. We have so much, other’s so little.

Enough trash TV. Gone are the days of Charles and Caroline, John and Olivia, and Lucy and Ricky.

Enough food. We have leftovers that waste away in the fridge while others go to bed hungry.

Enough bickering. Appreciate the sibling…the family that God has given you. Some are alone in this world.

Enough sickness and suffering. Some people just can’t seem to catch a break. My heart aches for them.

Enough hate. In the world and sadly among confessing Christians.

“You can safely assume you’ve created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do.” -Ann Lamott

Enough apathy.

Enough comfortable pews.

Enough talking something to death. TAKE ACTION!

This week, for my little family, we’ve decided….enough being apart.

We made the decision for Jeremy to come home instead of going on to the next job.

The decision that we felt God leading us to.

God said enough.

So we’re stepping out in faith and trusting that He will provide. Trusting that His plan for our lives is perfect.

My personal “enough”….enough fretting. Fretting about when the house will be finished. Fretting about when Jeremy will be able to come home. Fretting about finances. Fretting about which high school she’ll go to. This list could go on forever.

I’ve given it over completely into the hands of my God. My Jehovah-Jirah.  My Provider.

In return for my broken, weak, and floundering flesh, He’s given me unending grace and overwhelming peace. Two things that we can never get enough of.



Praying that you and I never get enough of our Redeemer,

May we always long to be in His presence,


It's Friday and that means I get to visit with a great group over at Lisa-Jo Baker's place. A place where the words flow like fresh water for my soul and encouragement abounds. I look forward to meeting here each week to read the God-given words of the women He's using to change the world.
Wont' you join us? I'll scootch over a bit. There's room on Lisa-Jo's big ole' couch for you.


  1. I can so relate to this! I have had my share of "enoughs" this week. Just this morning, I had not been up even an hour before I had had enough of the volume level that my boys make first thing in the morning. Which then lead to me feeling guilty for not wanting them to make noise in the morning. I've had enough of guilt too! :)
    Thanks for your share.

    1. Praying that you get an extra measure of grace today. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Oh, sweet friend, this is amazing. I'm right there with you - enough is ENOUGH! I'm so, so happy your Jeremy will be home with you and the KPs, and I'm praying God will blow you away with His provision and grace. He's got this. Love you, girl.

    1. Thank you for the prayers Jana, and for sharing in my joy. You are such a great encourager.

  3. Yes, we certainly have enough! And I am so thankful that He has blessed me with all of my enough's! Beautiful post! :)

    1. Thanks Mindy! Glad you made it home safely from your trip. I've enjoyed reading about your experience.