"Our family will base our success on one thing...our impact for the Kingdom of Christ." -Rick Burgess

Friday, October 28, 2011

I'm Back

So I've been on sort of a computer hiatus.

Not by my own choosing.

Hindsight has shown me that this hiatus was most likely chosen for me by the One who always knows best.

Having said that....this post is likely to be all over the place. Try to keep up! ;)

First...my detox from the computer.

I had to refrain from using my laptop for almost seven days! Can't even believe I made it as I sit here and type this.

You see, I've been online so much this month that I was dangerously close to exceeding the data limit on my MiFi. This tells me one thing....I've wasted way too much of my time. I can justify some of the time. Like my time spent managing our church's FB page, and my time spent on blog posts. But I can't justify the "time leeches" like Pinterest, FB updates and games, reading tons of Christian blogs (that I've used to replace my own devotion time), or checking my blog stats constantly (really got convicted about this by Dawn Camp and  Lisa-Jo).

I'm thinking that God saw that I was not going to give it up on my own so He hit me where it hurts (the pocket book). He knew that red flag would stop me. Bottom line...God put me in time out. :) Now don't get me wrong...I still had my phone...but I don't have a fancy phone so all I could really do is check my email.

Anyway, God used the past few days to remind me what life was like before computers, before FB, before blogging. I can even look back now and be thankful for that time. I got so much accomplished. Real world stuff that I've neglected.

He's also reminded me of why I said I started a blog in the first place. Oh how quickly we forget. Forgive me Lord for allowing the enemy to get me off track.

So here I sit....priorities back in order. The order that God intended.

Moving on....

Topic #2....

Anyone out there have tween daughters?

I have two! YAY!

I've never in my life seen two people argue as much as these girls do.

Maybe the fact that they are only two years apart has something to do with it. I don't know. But I do know it is driving me batty!

I'm just getting somewhat of a grip on my own hormones....I sure don't need any more crazy hormones in this house. But it looks like I'm getting two sets of brand spanking new tweenmones.

Add in a three year old to this picture and we've got a genuine circus!! LOL...I can't help but laugh...it's better than crying. :)

Speaking of the three year old. I just have to say that I think three has been my favorite age of all my girls...for a number of reasons....here are a few...

At age three they...
-can carry on a conversation with you.
-are interested in everything...this includes everything you say and do.
-are potty trained.
-can dress themselves (even if it doesn't match)

 Finally...my third topic....

I've been asked to post over at Beautiful Mommy Feet in November. This is way out of my comfort zone. I covet your prayers over this.

Congratulations! If you've made it this far you deserve some kind of award. ;)

Thank you Lord for confession and forgiveness.

I'm Yours Lord...mold me and make me.



  1. Oh how beautifully God uses you - on the computer and off!!! Thank you for your presence in my life and the ministry you have just by "being"!

  2. Yay! You're back! ;)

    I can so identify with this post! I've lost focus a little this month, too. It's easy to be sucked into the comparison game and worry about things that just don't matter (stats, followers, and even Pinterest). So thankful for God's gentle nudges to get us back on track.

    I have a twelve year old, so I completely understand the drama unfurling at your house! I'll be praying for you as you guide them.

    So excited to hear about your upcoming guest post! I know God will use your words to do a good work.