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Thursday, July 10, 2014


The day started as ordinary as most.

Up and at 'em. Off to work and running errands.

Full speed on auto pilot.

Moments passing by.

Because, whether we notice it or not, the world still spins.

Our world spins, life moves fast and children grow even faster.

We easily become trapped on the Ferris wheel of "busy" and become slaves to "hurry" and "schedule".

Moment after moment passes and we try to grab hold of those cherished, fleeting ones and hold them just a little bit tighter.

Then come those moments that all-out-flatten us. Flatten us I suppose, so that we can only see in one direction.


That moment came for my niece and her young family last month. This vibrant family of 6 taking a break from the smothering Southern heat, to take a dip in the cool waters of the creek. A jump meant to be full of fun and laughs for the kids, resulted in a paralyzing injury for her husband.

These however are the moments that shape us.

Challenge us.

Change us. .

The coming moments of life will not be easy for them, but I pray that one day they can look back on these moments and see just how far God has brought them. Because we believe in the One and Only God that heals and restores. Whether that be inside or out.

Please take a moment from your day today and lift Joey, Amanda, and their precious kids up in prayer. A prayer for peace, strength, and healing.

An account has been established for Joey and Amanda Blackburn, to offset travel and medical expenses, as well as modifications that will be made to their home. These modifications are needed to allow Joey accessibility to his home.

Mail donations to:
United Bank
PO Box 630
Flomaton, AL 36441
Attn: Tracey Padgett
Special Account

Joey was involved in a swimming accident last month, leaving him with no mobility from the waist down. He is currently in therapy at Shepherds Hospital in Atlanta, Ga.

**All donations will be considered as a personal gift and therefore will not be tax deductible.

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