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Friday, June 7, 2013

The Post Behind the Post

So I’ve decided that someone needs to start a reality blog.

Don’t shake your head just yet.

Follow me. I think this rabbit trail leads somewhere.

Like I said, reality blog.

It would be a blog that would follow up on or tell the truth behind FB status’ like “Had a fabulous day with family and friends at the beach. I love my life and everyone in it!” BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!

OR they could uncover the truth behind those perfect family portraits.

Are ya trackin’?


This epiphany came to me this evening while I was having a lovely picnic at the park with my three girls.

You see how wonderful that sounds. Pure bliss!

But the story behind the post…..well.

So it started with the best of intentions. We’ve been cooped up in the house today packing for an upcoming trip and I thought it would be nice to go grab some supper from our favorite burger joint. Then I decided we’d be resident tourists and check out our local park that we’ve never even stepped foot in and have a picnic.

Sounds nice right?

Well it would’ve been if we’d left all the attitudes in the car and ants were wiped from the face of the earth.

First off a spat ensued about who was going to get the baby sister out of her car seat. Then the sister that lost that fight scrapped her foot on the curb as she was getting said sister out of the car seat. That just added insult to injury (literally). So we finally make it to a park bench with lips pursed and arms folded. (All arms but mine…I was carrying ALL the food) So I sit on the bench, the bigs sit on the ground and start complaining about ants. I instruct the little to sit on the bench beside me. She promptly ignores these instructions and grabs plate in one hand drink in the other and heads to sit on the ground. Within a split second all of her supper is on the ground. After a brief explosion in my head, I invoke the 5 second rule which was more like a 30 second rule because we were all just staring at the food on the ground saying, REALLY! We’d no more gotten that cleaned up and a drink gets spilled.

By this time I was in full on rant mode. I was all, “Cant’ we just have a normal family outing! I guess this is why we live on 20 acres in the middle of the woods! Rednecks weren’t meant to eat in city parks! I HATE THE STINKING DEVIL!!!” That last part I said really loud. I’m so glad we were the only ones there. *blush*

After that, everyone got very quiet.

I was determined to salvage something from this time with my family. I kept asking the Lord to help me calm down and to show me the message in this mess.

It was obvious I’d failed miserably at keeping calm and controlling my tongue. So I start thinking about how ridiculous the whole outing was. Funny really. That was when the whole post behind the post hit me. The idea that we grow closer to our friends when we share our mess and not just parade our polished and pretty.
THEN the clouds parted, the sky cleared and all was right with the world.

Or even better we had to pack up and hurry to the nearest public restroom because of course someone had to go.

Now we’re home and bedtime will be here soon.

The Lord still answers prayer.

The END!

Best of luck to whoever jumps of the reality blog idea!! J


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